Chris is a healthcare business veteran and innovator with medical sales and leadership experience spanning over 12 years. After completing a degree in business administration and marketing from New Mexico State University, he began his career in medical sales. Chris has held sales leadership positions with Merck & Co. Inc., Johnson & Johnson and Stryker. He is CEO and founder of AllianceMed, a revenue-generating medical billing service company that has experienced rapid growth due to its unique niche in out-of-network billing and the results it continuously delivers for its customers. In addition to AllianceMed, Chris’ family of companies includes Privus Healthcare, Resilience and Trusted Care Surgery Centers. After leveraging the power of Salesforce for AllianceMed and his other businesses, Chris saw a unique opportunity to leverage the scale and customization of Salesforce for healthcare across many different types of organizations. This led to his partnership with sought-after Salesforce architect Viren Goal and the formation of Medcloud.

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