How outsourcing can improve healthcare billing

How outsourcing can improve healthcare billing

MedCloud is a Revenue Cycle Management company which specializes in helping healthcare organizations to optimize their revenue and billing cycle. Outsourcing the diverse and complex task of medical billing provides the solution most healthcare organizations are seeking. Managing the billing, claim submissions and reimbursement in-house is a tedious process. Outsourcing medical billing to a company with the professional expertise can alleviate the stress associated with ensuring improved bottom lines and better cash flow.

MedCloud takes the billing hassle of your hands and provides a complete end to end solution package. We allow your medical professionals to focus on providing medical services while we ensure that the billing and reimbursements are completely managed, your revenue is maximized and your cash flow is streamlined.

Efficient RCM

MedCloud, a billing and outsourcing company integrates the latest technological advances to deliver high quality revenue returns. Leveraging our unique billing techniques and methodologies we have revolutionized the medical billing process. Our specialized team covers all the medical billing functions including medical coding charge entries, claim submissions, collections and follow-ups, payment posting, patient handling and claim denial handling.

MedCloud streamlines the cash flow process by initiating a consistent cycle of billing, claims submissions and payment receipts. We initiate a top-line growth resulting in better bottom line figures.

Increase Revenue

The primary focus of every business is revenue generation. An increase in revenue and decrease in operational costs is an intricate balance, which MedCloud has mastered. We have institutionalized the process with our customized software solutions. MedCloud integrates Salesforce as backend software to completely manage the medical billing, record keeping and reporting functions.

Lowering billing costs

MedCloud offers a turnkey billing solution package. We handle all the processes in a cost effective manner. In-house billing can be a hassle for healthcare organizations and a distraction from medical services. Hiring an in house billing team is expensive and needs to be supervised and managed. MedCloud provides the same services carried out by a team of experienced medical billers at a lower cost. We have a skilled team of medical coders to ensure that claim submissions are maximized and submitted within 24 hours of generation.

Outsourcing is a smart choice to generate better revenue with a lower investment cost. MedCloud provides both onshore and offshore outsourcing solutions which can improve your billing and over all bottom line.  Our endeavor is to bring you cost effective specialized solutions for medical billing.