9 Medical billing outsourcing benefits

9 Medical billing outsourcing benefits

Medical billing outsourcing is a complete end to end solution for all healthcare organizations. Healthcare billing is very demanding and challenging. Most healthcare organizations are not able to devote their complete attention to providing medical services as they have to keep an eye on billing and medical reimbursements on the side. The distraction of billing and financial documentation lowers the overall quality of healthcare services being provided. Hiring a billing company to take care of finances allows the healthcare staff to concentrate on their profession while the billing company manages the revenue cycle.

Hiring a billing company in-house has its pros and cons as does outsourcing. The advantage of outsourcing is that it takes the complete process of your hands.

Benefits of outsourcing your billing

Why should you outsource? How will it help your healthcare organization? What do you gain when you outsource. The benefits are numerous but we will highlight some of the more important ones.

  • Increase in revenue: Healthcare organizations are lagging in many areas when it comes to generating income. A medical billing company like MedCloud completely takes over your revenue cycle management and spins it around to start bringing in higher revenue.
  • Cost effective solution to billing: It is a misconception that outsourcing means that you pay more to have you finances taken care of when your in-house staff can do it within their work frame. MedCloud enable you to generate higher revenue at a lower cost with billing expertise.
  • Better quality workflow: A team of professional staff that is on the job of billing and filing claim submissions, denials and ensuring speedy reimbursements is the kind of workflow MedCloud delivers. There is a constant cycle of claims submission and payment receipts.
  • Access to qualified backend staff: MedCloud provides a backend team to monitor charge entry. All services and provisions provided by the medical center have to be documented in order to enable accurate billing.
  • Quicker claim submissions: The faster a claim is submitted the sooner we can expect payment. MedCloud targets a claim submission within 24 hours. This paves the way for faster payments.
  • Lower claim denials: Claim denial arises from errors in billing or incorrect medical coding. MedCloud doble checks claim submissions ensuring that there are no errors and only claimable items are listed for reimbursement.
  • Faster reimbursements: Accurate billing and claim submission provides clarity and leaves little room for queries or misunderstandings. Reimbursement companies are able to process the claim faster thereby putting in place an efficient system.
  • Improved medical treatment: With the financial concerns being handled by the billing company the healthcare center staff are free to focus on providing better quality healthcare services. This in turn helps build a good reputation and draws more new patients.
  • Building relationship with patients: Working with patients through the billing process and claims submission it helps build a personalized relationship with the patient. It is our endeavor to give the patient a good experience and hence build patient loyalty.

MedCloud is associated with salesforce to give you the added software advantage. Outsourcing to MedCloud saves you the cost of investing in expensive hardware and software. We have a complete setup and ready to take on your work. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you.