Medical Coding

“Outsourcing components of our billing services to MedCloud has been a great experience for us. It has enabled us to streamline our operations and raise our bottom line.”

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MedCloud RCM Competency : Medical Coding

Medcloud provides industry specific services for medical coding to healthcare organizations. Medical services, procedures, diagnosis, treatments, and medical equipment & supplies used by Healthcare Organizations needs to be reimbursed through claim submissions or by billing the patient. Our Medical coding team is highly skilled and current with the latest billing regulations and practices keeping our error rate to a minimum using the various ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS Level II, NDC and APC classification systems.

Medical coding can be a complex endeavor. Often, healthcare organizations lose revenue by assigning non-optimal codes which can result in a lower rate of reimbursement. Medclouds accurate Medical Coding team  saves both time and money for our clients and avoids incorrect coding which can result in lower revenue or claim denial.

Why choose us

Accurate Medical
Minimal Coding
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Highlights of our Medical Coding

  • Comprehensive Coding expertise for all medical services and provisions with accurate coding
  • Skilled and knowledgeable team of Medical Coders updated with the latest coding practices
  • Minimal coding errors and quicker and more accurate payments
  • Higher revenue generation

The Medcloud Coding Team is full of staff with numerous years of experience in medical coding. We are up to date with the latest codes and coding procedures required by insurance companies.  Our coding professionals confirm that the most appropriate code is assigned.

Often times, coders will assign code to a claim line that is not optimal for getting the highest return of reimbursement from the insurance carrier. The Medcloud team of medical coders helps to determine the most appropriate code to maximum reimbursement and increase revenue.

Medcloud provides  a high standard of Medical Billing practices rapidly resolving any claim denials or delays. We use our best practices to minimize errors.

Medcloud Medical Coders have the primary responsibility of interpreting clinical information regarding patients and medical service(s) rendered to them by utilizing the appropriate coding rules, guidelines and HIPPA requirements.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify, compile, and code patient medical data, using various coding classification systems.
  • Resolve or clarify codes or diagnoses with conflicting, missing, or unclear information by consulting with Doctors or other assigned Clinical Authority
  • Ensure accurate assignment of all medical codes.
  • Identify discrepancies in documentation.
  • Audit appeals of denied claims.
  • Maintain HIPAA level privacy of medical records.
  • DRG and APC assignment analysis to accurately reflect the diagnosis and procedures documented in the medical record
  • Documentation assessment and review for accurate abstracting of clinical data to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

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