Charge Entry

“Outsourcing components of our billing services to MedCloud has been a great experience for us. It has enabled us to streamline our operations and raise our bottom line.”

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MedCloud RCM Competency : Charge Entry

Charge Entry is a crucial step in the medical billing process. The treatment and services rendered to a patient are documented and categories prior to the claims submission. Our team is dilligent to ensure that no services or procedures are omitted from the patients billing file.

We understand the emphasis of Clinical Personnel is primarily providing Healthcare Services to their patients which is why we off our support in the form of managing the administrative billing remedy.

Medcloud maintains the integrity of the documentation throughout the Claims Administrative Process. Those which are not reimbursable by the insurance company need to be billed to the patient and the charges collected before the patient is discharged. We streamline the process of cash inflow by redirecting bills to the concerned people for payment.

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Highlights of our Charge Entry

  • Strong customer service skills; response to requests for information, both internally and externally
  • Analysis of charge entry documentation for errors and omissions
  • Incorporating procedures for accurate charge entries
  • We assign trained and experienced people for charge entry duties

A healthcare organization provides a multitude of services to a patient from the moment they are admitted. The position supports your business’s overall Operations by efficiently and effectively providing account data needed for the Revenue Cycle process and delivering results.  Medcloud monitors that every billable service or procedure rendered is recorded appropriately

The Charge Entry Specialist position is responsible to charge input through the careful review of source data provided by CHMB clients by accurately recording demographics and charges associated with patient information and insurance.

Medcloud follows up on charge entry and prevents a healthcare organization from providing services without receiving monetary compensation in return.

The Medical Biller has the primary responsibility of ensuring the accuracy of all billing records.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform and maintain bill process and procedures from start to finish
  • Create large volume claims and formats.
  • Accurate data entry when submitting electronic and paper health claims .
  • Input in timely manner with new claims in addition to resubmissions and claim adjustments.
  • Resolve any claim denials and unbilled encounters.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned.

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