Salesforce Healthcare 360

Healthcare 360 is an optimization of Salesforce specific to the healthcare industry that:Salesforce as an Agile Cloud-Based Total Healthcare Solution

As Salesforce consultants, developers and architects specializing in healthcare, we recognized the benefit of Salesforce as a total business and clinical solution early on. The ability to optimize and integrate Salesforce are qualities that make it unique as a SaaS solution for healthcare.

Our healthcare Salesforce solution can be leveraged as an entire system or in individual components, including:

  • E-sign – captures signatures digitally
  • Practice Management – OON claim submission, electronic claim submission, denial management, eligibility check
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) – surgery scheduler, EHR, patient journey, inventory management and invoicing

A skilled and certified Salesforce consultant understands how to leverage the platform for optimal outcomes through:

  • Conducting discovery sessions to identify how best to leverage Salesforce for the desired goals and outcomes
  • Creating clear thorough technical requirements for developers
  • Managing the overall project plan and timeline
  • Facilitating communication between business leaders and technical teams
  • Configuring the Salesforce product to meet business goals and outcomes
  • Designing, building, training and deploying the new Salesforce solution