Salesforce Design & Development

Development the Combines Technical Acumen with Real World Experience

Valuable and highly skilled and trained Salesforce developers utilize a mix of programmatic and declarative abilities to extend and customize applications on the Salesforce platform. Our Salesforce developers are certified by Salesforce in platform development. This certification demonstrates both the developers’ technical proficiency, but also practical real-world experience and success.

Salesforce developers are well-versed in the languages required to develop on the Salesforce platform, including:

  • Apex – the language Salesforce created for developing on its platform
  • Visualforce – the language Salesforce uses to create user interfaces
  • HTML – used for user interface development
  • Lightning – design & develop lighting components, the future of UI development within Salesforce

More than programmers, Salesforce developers are trained to address real-world business challenges using the power of the Salesforce platform. Our team of developers possess a unique ability to understand business problems and design and develop for solutions that address and solve them.

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