Global Delivery Model

Medcloud's delivery model

Mecloud integrates its expertise and excellence with offshore outsourcing to drive business strategic outsourcing benefits to its clients. Our delivery Model focuses on scouting out the best in the industry for particular job and the best possible rates across the world. The target is not only reduced costs, but also higher productivity, thus giving your healthcare business a multi-fold boost and tremendous benefits.

Leveraging the best Global Resources

Professional billing
Cost efficient

Outsourcing Benefits for Health Care RCM

  • Lower cost of billing services by taking advantage of cheaper off-shore resources
  • Dedicated and efficient team of staff trained specifically for US health care billing
  • Software integration for real time updates on reimbursements and claims

Our Glocalized advantage

Our US centers offer you the advantage of “always in reach” while our offshore centers bring the cost efficiency and productivity advantage. 

Going Global

We give you the advantage of cost benefits through offshore outsourcing. MedCloud has offshore captive units to ensure a smooth delivery process and better returns. The global experience augments an enhanced technological experience.

Regular reports help to bring both healthcare service provider and billing company on the same page. Our reports project a clear picture of what has been accomplished. You get clarity on claims which have been billed, and reimbursements that have been collected. Our projections are a good indication of the increase in revenue generation.

Outsourcing the healthcare billing process to a billing company enables the healthcare provider to focus on healthcare while the billing company ensures due compensation. As a billing company MedCloud handles the entire financial aspect from claim capture to claim reimbursement.

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